Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lawrence Hargrave Drive-RMS animation

NSW Roads and Maritime Services have released an interesting video highlighting problems with the embankment in the northern amphitheatre between Clifton and Coalcliff. The cross section shown in the video is a little unrealistic but its useful in outlining aspects of the problem. The road here is constructed on talus below a buried cliff face in the Scarborough Sandstone. There's a bund here to protect the road from rocks and debris flows from the slope above that includes a steep slope in Stanwell Park Claystone and Bulgo Sandstone cliffs. The later not quite as high as those in the southern amphitheatre.
Link to video via this summary page HERE.
I had the pleasure of working on the bridge construction project back in 2003-2005. The budget at the time did not provide for a bridge over the northern amphitheatre.

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